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What is Healthy Eating?

We created this page of resources to help you get reliable information to help you make food choices that result in positive health outcomes. We define "reliable" as evidence based (i.e. there are significant, credible research studies to back it up) and there is also clinical data from real health care practitioners who have been prescribing dietary interventions to heal diseases for YEARS. 

Believe it or not, there are physicians and other knowledgeable health care providers who have been CURING people from so-called "incurable" diseases for well over 40 years, simply by getting their patients on the right diet

Watch this Short video first

In this brief video you'll get important background information about the impact on your body and mind of two broad categories of foods: plant foods and animal foods. You'll also learn why your doctor can't (and SHOULDN'T) give you advice about nutrition. Start now by watching this video and learn how healthy eating can be used to treat, prevent and even reverse common diseases. 

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