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My name is Lisa Hanfileti and that's me with my husband, Peter Hanfileti and our dog, Kiwi. When we opened our Acupuncture Clinic over 20 years ago to provide a variety of holistic health services, we had no idea how our lives -or the world!- would change! 

But here we are, over 20 years later, and we could not be more grateful for all the twists and turns and challenges. The biggest change occurred in the year 2020. Not for the reason you might think!

Although we did need to close our clinic for a while due to the pandemic, our evolution included Peter's retirement due to the development of Parkinson's. 

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Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is the oldest, professional, continually practiced medicine in the world. It is a safe, effective way to address pain ...
Phototherapy 'Patches'
Quantum physics here we come! These phototherapy patches have been clinically proven to enhance overall health and vitality. They do not contain drugs or ...
Bioresonance Scans
A frequency body scan using AO Scan’s Bioresonance Technology gives you an energetic snapshot of your biofrequencies in less than 4 minutes. Think of it as the ... 

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"Will Acupuncture work for me?"
That's a GREAT question! And the answer is... nobody knows! What I can tell you is in my experience, acupuncture is so good at relieving stress that no matter what kind of health issue you are facing, even if all we did was help your body minimize the impact of physiological and mental/emotional stress, you'd have more energy available to address your condition. In other words, it's worth a try!
"Do you offer telehealth-type consultations?"
Yes. I offer video or telephone consultations on a select basis. "Phototherapy" consultations are easy to set up and I can help you with patch selection and placement for best results. Frequency Body Scans are done remotely. Call our office at 360.449.4500 and leave a message for more information. 
"Why does your website look different?"
LOL! Many of my patients know that in addition to practicing acupuncture for over 20 years, I have also been immersed in web design and online marketing . You have had to endure my many iterations of websites and email software as I tried out new tools. I can't take all the credit for the design of this website though, because this time I hired an expert. Feel free to contact me with your feedback!
"Is Peter still working?"
Peter retired at the end of 2020 because his Parkinson's symptoms made it too frustrating to practice acupuncture. He really misses seeing and talking with his patients. But retiring was the best decision he could have made for his own mental/emotional health. He still offers help to parents with kids with anxiety and is always open to chatting with former patients. We appreciate and feel your love!

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